This past week with this crazy, ridiculous weather I have found myself in a bit of a funk. Initially I thought it was just me and I had somehow put on my crabby pants when getting dressed. Driving to work in a cold, not yet warmed up car, noting all the frozen snow piles, salt scattered across the streets, and bright stars in the dark sky, it feels like January. Which is fine. If it were January! Reality hits and I remember it is not even Thanksgiving. Dear God, how are we going to survive another four plus months of this?

No holiday spirit as of yet. I keep reminding myself Thanksgiving is in a week or so. Going back outside quickly reminds me how frigid it is. Records were actually being broken. What happened to fall? I think it forgot us. Perhaps it went into hibernation early.

Whatever way we choose to look at it, we have to remember that is exactly what it is. Our choice on how we want to look at this. With this thought strong in my mind I headed home one afternoon, resolved to leash up the dogs and go for a run. It was in the 20’s, so I figured it was warm enough and even if we only got out around the block, at least we got out. My trek across the parking lot and drive home almost (key work is almost) broke my resolve. Thinking it would probably be smarter to stay inside all comfy cozy was tempting. Very, very tempting.

Pulling my car in the garage I was greeted by my dogs who were delighted to see me, even more delighted when I changed into my running clothes and grabbed their collars and leashes.

My original thought was we might go for a mile or so. As we wrapped up our first mile on the roads and neared the park we frequently run in I was surprised my running partners were anxious to jump into the snow and run along the snow covered limestone path.

Watching their joy at being out unexpectedly during the day (we usually run in the early morning dark hours due to my work schedule) and IN the park was just the lift my spirit needed. Plowing our way through the snow, they stopped to sniff, investigate and mark different areas before forging ahead to the next interesting areas of scents. Seeing them I felt myself sharing in their happiness. They were not the least bit bothered by the weather. Reflecting on one of my favorite poems of all time I remembered I must “Accept the things I cannot change…”. And I, for sure, cannot change the weather. That simple three and a half mile run followed by a puppy pile with my Dexter and Roxy was just the ticket I needed.

What is it you can do to change your outlook, make you smile? Looking for new, fun-filled ideas!