I’ve been training for 11 years. To this day I still absolutely love my job, my clients, everything about it! I thought I’d share a few tidbits of some of the fun we have on a daily basis. I am so grateful to be in a profession where I am able to work with people and not only do we grow and learn from each other (yes, it goes both ways!) but, maybe even more importantly, laugh together.

Absolutely love it! Wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Read on and enjoy!

  • As a trainer I try and do full body workouts during their sessions. On one particular day I had a client doing chest presses while bridging on a bosu ball (head and neck resting comfortably on the bosu, butt up, legs at a 90 degree or so, depending on leg length) angle. To make it more challenging and effective I had her put her feet on a dyna disk. Looking at her I asked “How does it feel? Is your core working? How’s the weight?…” As I was firing questions at her she finally turned her head, looked at me and rather dryly answered “Oh, everyone’s at the party.” Which of course cracked us both up causing us both to fall into a heap on the floor laughing, burning extra calories and boosting endorphins. To this day this is one of my very favorite expressions, “Everyone (all the muscles) is at the party!”

  • While rotating through stations during a small group training session one of my clients got to the “ball slam” station. She slammed down the ball with all her might and waited for it to bounce back, looking at me she stated “It’s not bouncing back” with a very confused face. “I know. It’s 15 pounds of sand, you have to squat down, pick it up, slam it down and repeat. Excellent cardio and strength!” Looking at me in total disbelief she just said “This is bullsh*t.” Of course the whole group of us fell over laughing! More calories burned, more endorphins boosted!
  • I was demonstrating T raise push ups to one of my clients and as I did the push up and turned to form a T plank I gave a little “Ahhh” kind of like a TaDa (don’t ask me why, sometimes we get a little slap happy). Anyway she started doing them and someone watching her said “You’re not making the noise!” So she obliged by making little growling, grunting noises with each T raise. Nothing like my very musical TaDa’s. I couldn’t quite figure out what she was doing , but it was entertaining and she was having fun. A bit into the session, before she started the T raise push ups again she looked at my written program and said “T raise pushups?! I thought you said T rex push ups! I couldn’t figure out what kind of noise a T rex made!” Silly girl! T rex’s can’t do push ups!
  • I was going to have my client do “Get Ups”; an excellent exercise to make sure we are able to continue to stand up from a seated position without help (I usually whisper to them it mainly helps to make sure they are able get off the toilet later in life). Standing in front of the bench she kept shuffling back and forth, left to right, glancing behind her. Asking her what was wrong she stated she was not certain she’d sit on the bench. I told her it was easier if she started the exercise in a seated position as that way she would know exactly where her correct placement was. She sat down, looked up at me and asked “Now what?” “Ummm, get up.” I replied. We both fell over laughing! More calories burned! We did not literally fall over!

Just a few little “true stories” to make you laugh and realize exercise can be fun! The laughing part not only burns more calories, always a bonus, but also boosts up our endorphins. Yep! Another bonus! Enjoy the rest of your week!