Not sure what it is about the early morning hours. I think I have always loved them; well at least in my adult life. Climbing out of bed, padding to the kitchen to pour that first cup of coffee.  Sometimes I time it just right when the coffee maker has just started brewing, allowing me to capture that first cup.  The super strong, stand your spoon up, robust cup. That’s my favorite. But before sipping that I grab my big Teflon Weight Watchers cup (yup, still have it after all these years) and fill it up with water. I gulp down as much as I am able. Sometimes all 32 ounces, sometimes 16, but always water first. I have been doing this for years. Hydration is so important. When I was in the hospital I was required to record my liquid intake. The nurses were amazed that I had no trouble meeting their requests.

Roxy and Dexter follow me to the family room and while opening the back door I yell out “Be careful out there! Be careful!” This (along with keeping our back porch light on all night) is my valiant effort to warn skunks there will be activity coming their way and to get out!

Grabbing my precious cup of coffee I turn on my Himalayan sea salt lamp, light the candle on the coffee table and curl up on the couch, simply enjoying the glow of the lamp and candle. Some mornings I write, others I may watch recorded television shows, or depending on the weather and the time, I gather the dogs and we run. Or something resembling running.

Making sure we all have our lighted gear on we head out. That first blast of cold air or heat (depending on the time of year) is rewarding. Looking up to the twinkling stars, the world is ours. I feel as if we are the only ones awake. We trot down the street, stopping frequently to mark areas (the dogs, not me) before continuing. Yesterday morning we heard a clattering of hooves further ahead, out of our sight in the dark. As we drew closer the telltale white tails of deer bounded up the street. At the cross street, under the street lamp, the deer changed their direction and headed east. I counted six big beautiful does. Approaching the crossing I glanced down the street they had turned down and could see their silhouettes, all waiting patiently as if to say “Catch us if you can.” The dogs had lost interest, finding the scents on the street sign post much more fascinating. I think they figured it was a losing game, the deer were obviously much faster and they had the disadvantage of being leashed.

We don’t go far, usually about two miles. Sometimes we have enough time to go three. Weekends we usually do more. It’s our time together, a great way to start our days.

We glide along, enjoying the quiet. I think about… nothing in particular. I often gaze up at the shining stars and thank the universe for everything it has given me.

salt lamp

I love my morning ritual, it’s my time to myself. Something we all need. I also believe that taking this time to myself permits me to make a decision for the day. Am I going to go out into the world with a positive attitude or a negative one? It’s a choice. I believe that. I know sometimes, regardless of what I do, I start my day crabby. In that case, if I am crabby (any amount of reasons, sleep, diet, extra stress…) and feel I am not fit for human interaction, I need to own up to that. Be accountable to it. Don’t take it out on someone else. Continue to try and shake the negativity away.

Do you make a conscious choice as to how you are going to start your day? What are your rituals or habits to try and be positive? You don’t have to be a morning person, maybe you do your thing in the afternoon or at night. It doesn’t matter, what does matter is that you do what makes you happy, and you’re ready to face the world with a positive attitude. You’ll be glad you did!

Please share your ideas or thoughts on what helps you make your days more positive.